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Pure Eco Tech thinks of the environment.
Introduction video : Dust Whale

Fine dust is no longer a seasonal problem.

We now check the concentration of fine dust as much as we know the weather in everyday life. We spend a lot of money and come up with a lot of measures, but we don't see how effective it is to feel.

For clean air, it is important to find and remove the cause of particulate matter. According to the study, 44.3% of fine dust is scattering dust and 45.3% of scattering dust is ash dust. That's 20% of the total fine dust emissions.

Pure Eco tech started here.

What is Re-Scattering Dust?

Road ash dust is a particulate matter in which dust deposited on the road by automobile exhaust fumes, tire wear and brake pad wear is dispersed into the atmosphere by vehicle movement. It will take place mainly in large cities where traffic, industry, and construction activities are high.

The resulting road ash contains harmful artificial elements, such as Cd, Pb and Cr, which can penetrate the lungs directly, causing respiratory diseases such as asthma and lung cancer, and seriously harm human health.

Nation-wide ratio of Fine dust source Nation-wide ratio of Scattering dust source

Dust Whale

Air-Conditioning System for Pure Eco Tech

They can be moved and mounted on buses and large vehicles to remove fine dust from roads, and can be placed in serious contaminated areas such as densely populated areas or bus stops to provide efficient air purification.

Real-time pollution measurement is carried out at the same time as air purification, enabling big data construction to provide future improvement directions such as monitoring pollution and issuing real-time alerts.

Patentable technical skills

Patentable technical skills

While the composite style (combined mechanical and electrical), dust rings complemented complex structural problems, which are the disadvantages of traditional composite methods, and frequent filter replacement and cleaning baghouses.

Using photo-plasma, we solve the problem of ozone, which is the biggest weakness of electric concentration, and self-development with renewable energy (sunlight, wind) to self-sufficient most of the electricity we need.

Dust whales are highly capable of obtaining patents on atmospheric cleansing devices.

먼지고래 특허

Purification of the entire air in Seoul

The area of air purification in front of the filter mounted on the dust ring is 0.5 m2. Assuming that the bus has a daily travel distance of 200km, it will clean up about 100,000 m3 a day.

Assuming that all 9,000 buses currently running in Seoul are equipped with the city, 300 km2 of the city area can be cleaned up daily for the daily space of the city, and 15 times a month for the entire city.

먼지고래 특허

Create value added with IoT technology and Big Data technology

Attach a sensor to the front and rear of the module for air pollution to transmit information about the location and time of each module to the integrated center.

This not only helps people understand the degree of real pollution in their neighborhoods, but it also allows them to provide big data that can be used by hospitals, businesses, research institutes, etc

Dust Whale is versatile for various ways

  • On Vehicle
    Rooftop of Buses,
    Subway Trains
  • In Tunnel
    Top and sides of Tunnels
  • Stationary
    Street lamps,
    Telegraph poles
  • On Building
    Rooftop of buildings, Underground parking lots
  • On Special places
    Bus shelters,
    Subway vents

Pure Eco Tech

Think of the environment.
Study for clean air.
It exists for the healthy lives of people who live with nature.
Pure Eco Tech is continuing its research to develop products for efficient atmospheric cleaning.

Introduction to BI

It is meant to aspire to the development of the company, which is promoted in a vibrant and dynamic image with wheels and teeth in a variety of colors and geometric prototype motifs that encompass the sun, content, diffusion and technology.

"Pure+Eco (natural ecology and purity) is embedded in the Tech initials to think about the environment and integrate it with leading-edge digital motif technology."

Development of medical device and medical packaging.

Development of Medical device
Development of Medical device

Pure Eco Tech's business area for green innovation.

Pneumonia is one of the most important causes of death in hospitals. And 60% of the causes were counted as VAP (ventilator associated pneumonia respiratory-related pneumonia). To solve the risk, Pure Eco Tech has developed MM (Micro-Macro) Pure System through research.

Introducing MM Pure System

  • The Clean-Zone system can be installed in individual equipment such as an ventilator, and prevents Micro Clear 1st infection through the patient's respiratory tract.
  • The Clean-Zone system is installed in the inpatient and treatment room air conditioning unit in the ward to prevent secondary infections (Macro Clear).
  • Measure the atmospheric conditions between the Micro and Macro areas and perform interaction and management through IoT technology.


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